The more you put into fitness the more likely you are to make these 5 mistakes

For those who have been following me for a long time, should be able to know that some of my views on fitness, tend to be on the neutral side of the easy-going, will not be too obsessive too enthusiastic ideas, however, fitness in the end, or a particularly passionate sport, there are many people love fitness is because of a spark-like passion, but if your enthusiasm with the wrong place, with the wrong direction, but will become the chains that restrict your growth, the following 5 points, you should probably think about and avoid the mistakes.

1.Too much care for supplements

There is a reason why supplements are called supplements, it is only to supplement the parts of the daily diet that cannot be met, such as protein with calorie intake, and the amount of creatine required is also very difficult to meet through dietary supplements. But the daily diet is still the foundation, if you expect to rely on eating some powder, blind practice can be successful, then you really think too much.

And fitness enthusiasts are also part of the supplement lovers, manufacturers or masters say what is useful, is necessary to ingest, he will go to purchase, and then strictly every day to eat a bunch of, in fact, they do not know enough about the product. This is certainly a choice that individuals can make, but the truth is that the more you put into a supplement, the lower the benefit ratio of the output.

I’m not saying that you take certain supplements instead will inhibit your progress or necessarily be harmful, but if you put too much effort into it, too harshly, not only is it unnecessary, but it may affect your ability to do the really important daily diet, rest and training, while creating too much stress for yourself because you’re putting your hopes in the wrong place, a mindset that is unsustainable for most people.

2.Practicing too much

In fact, many times most people do not get good results in fitness, are because they are in the wrong two extremes of training volume and frequency, one is to go to the gym at most 2-3 times a week, each time there is no serious training, there is no goal to shake under the force on the go, and then say they have been working out for years, but there are no results. Another is to hate to practice 6 days a week, twice a day or even more.

Although we can’t be sissies about training, we have to put in our best effort, but overtraining is real. Especially when you just blindly think that the more you practice the better, think that the best do so, so copy the situation. We only train to give our muscles a chance to grow, and the process after that, we need to do a good job with diet and rest to ensure that our efforts can be rewarded.

As for what kind of intensity we should train, the frequency, the answer to this question, may be tens of thousands of words can not be fully explained, but for the vast majority of people, 3-4 times a week, each 50-70 minutes of strength training, is already a very good amount of training. Take this as a starting point, and then try to increase the training volume, intensity and frequency a little bit, you can know, what is more suitable for your situation at the moment.

3.Setting too high expectations

This is a mistake that is easily made in very many, especially many young trainers. This is actually understandable, all kinds of chicken soup, all kinds of marketing, all kinds of manufacturers packaging will tell you that as long as you want, as long as you work hard, nothing is not possible. As long as you love enough, you will be able to achieve their goals. We believe in dreams and the power of the heart, but we need to be on the ground one step at a time to work hard.

First set yourself a small achievable goal at the moment, so you can get a sense of accomplishment in the process of making progress every time you complete your goal, and gradually you will go further and further. When I first started working out, I never had any expectations, and I didn’t even want to practice, I just wanted to be able to train on time, eat healthier, and then stick with it, that’s all, and when I look back I find that I experienced some special days (at least better than the original goal of practice).

The other thing I have to mention is that the use of drugs in bodybuilding, especially professional bodybuilding, has led to a lot of people setting very unrealistic goals for themselves, natural and unnatural fitness, are two completely different sports, and now more and more people are starting to use drugs in China, and if you are not able to understand more correctly what your fitness is in the end, where to go, you are more likely to live with the flow of their own and even other people’s unrealistic expectations, instead of the original intention of their own fitness.

4.Using too advanced training program

This point is also very easy to make a logical mistake, we always say to Learn from the best, no matter what you do, you have to learn to do the best of those people. Speculation to learn Warren Buffett, do e-commerce to learn Jack Ma, fitness to learn the professionals, learn the Olympic champion.

It’s not that you’ll get nothing from learning them, but people will always see others after they succeed and think they can achieve the same success by following their current practices. But the truth is, everything has a starting point, and the Olympiad champions started with basic practices and training arrangements before they adopted their current proprietary training techniques and programs. Learn the principles and rationale behind the program, not copy it, you have to know what you know and know why you know it in order to truly apply it!

5.Listened to too many opinions

It’s good to learn, but know that advice itself is a double-edged sword, and not every piece of it is right or necessarily appropriate for your situation at the moment. If you want to absorb knowledge from the outside world, then whether it’s from the internet, from a book, from a coach or a well-practiced person around you, whatever your source is, make sure that they actually know what they’re writing and saying before you’re ready to believe it or even start doing it.

When a person tells you to listen to them, or just do it and don’t ask why, or always says, “I heard that’s how it’s done, and whoever did it,” or content that is obviously from other sources, but pretending to be created in their own voice, you need to be vigilant.

I'm just giving my opinion from a personal perspective, read more and more newspapers, think well and train well, one day you will become an old driver ~

By Kenneth

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