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A well-developed upper chest plays a key role in enhancing the overall shape of your chest, whether you’re a guy who wants square, armor-like pecs or a girl who wants to wear clothes with a straighter, more pronounced chest line, the four moves in this video will help you get closer to the “perfect bust”.

The Best Inner-Chest Workouts for Getting Sculpted | Onnit Academy

1.Reverse Grip Dumbbell Bench Press. Number one on my list, and the most performed upper chest training move.

Reverse Grip Bench Press Master Class |

2.Upward Incline Barbell/dumbbell bench press. Most people do the most upper chest training moves, and while research has shown that the upward incline bench press does not have a very significant increase in upper chest activation compared to the plank bench press, the upward incline bench press as the first chest training move is still a tried and tested adjustment for trainers whose upper chest is a weakness. Depending on your personal training experience, it is recommended to lower the chair tilt angle, around 15-30 degrees would be the approach to engage the deltoids less.

How To Build A Great Chest With The Dumbbell Bench Press

3.Low-Pulley Cable Fly. The best way to stimulate the upper chest in the rope clamp is the single-joint action. It is recommended to switch frequently during training, such as this time from bottom to top, next time from top to bottom, and next time in the middle to enrich the diversity of training , You can also get a better balanced shape.

4.Reverse Grip Barbell Bench Press. The reverse grip dumbbell bench press is harder than the reverse grip dumbbell bench press, but it is just as good for upper chest stimulation. The grip distance is recommended to be a little wider, and you can choose half grip or full grip, but it is recommended to choose a more conservative weight, it is best to find a protector to watch over you until you are very familiar with the movement.

Reverse Grip Bench Press Master Class |

Although there are so many training movements, the specific choice of which is not the most important part of the workout, and what I have given is only based on personal experience, but no matter whether this is in line with your real training experience, at least it will give you a better benchmark for reference, but also better realize that any training advice is not the golden rule, you need to test your own practice.

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