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  • How to practice muscle, circumference are not seen to grow?
  • Why is your little one practicing bigger than you!
  • Why are men naturally stronger than women pictures
  • Other people fitness off, you fitness hair loss
  • After practice feel recovery is getting slower and slower ……

It is no exaggeration to say that every fitness man has a muscle dream. But the whole day buried in training you, was deep squat, hard pull, bench press back and forth torture, an operation as fierce as a tiger, physical strength can not keep up, even the morning that what has disappeared ……

Fitness affects physical strength, and it’s all because of – testosterone.

1.How important is testosterone to men

For ordinary people who do not work out, eat well and sleep well, they are less likely to lack testosterone, but people who like to run the gym, usually train a lot, and eat low-carb and low-nutrition, they are prone to testosterone levels decline.

What is testosterone promotion?

Testosterone is mainly secreted by the testes and adrenal cortex in men, and is the key hormone for androgenic characteristics. Adult men can produce 9mg-24mg of testosterone per day, which can directly affect your muscle growth.

The average male has 10 times more testosterone than in a woman’s body, so testosterone is both the main reason boys grow into men and one of the determining factors that sets men apart from women.

When the testosterone level in the male body decreases, the body is also prone to some feminine characteristics.

It is easy to accumulate fat, muscle is not good to grow, and the character is not hard and can not fight ……

Testosterone to lose belly fat. 🌱 Andro400. 2020-03-07

2.Boost testosterone to make muscles bigger → bigger → bigger

For fitness men, the higher the testosterone levels, the faster the muscle growth and the higher the percentage of lean body mass.

Why is it better for men than women to train their muscles?
It is the testosterone level that determines.
Why some people are “gifted players”?
It is also the testosterone level that determines.

Enhance testosterone production to promote muscle growth

Why are men naturally stronger than women? Testosterone is not directly involved in muscle synthesis, but it has a significant impact on muscle growth.

Mainly from:

1, muscle building environment;

2, muscle building signals.

First of all, there are two big enemies in your body: testosterone and corticosteroids: testosterone is like a muscle ripening agent, and corticosteroids accelerate the breakdown of nutrients in the body.

In brief.
When testosterone/corticotropin (T/P value) is elevated, the body synthesizes muscle↗
And when the T/P value decreases, the body begins to accelerate the breakdown of protein↘

Creating a muscle building environment for your body

As you exercise longer and more intensely, your body starts to need more energy, and the concentration of corticosteroids starts to rise in your body at this time, urging it to break down for energy.

This time your muscles are likely to be broken down together!

And testosterone promotion can make the concentration of testosterone greater than cortisol, creating a suitable environment for the body to grow.

Time course of serum testosterone concentrations during the leuprolide,...  | Download Scientific Diagram

Signals to the body to build muscle

Unlike protein, testosterone is not directly involved in muscle synthesis, but when the body gets to know that testosterone levels are elevated in your body, it will signal.

“This is a fit male, he should have thick muscles and great strength, make him more manly!”

This means that only when testosterone levels are high enough will your body begin to synthesize muscle and your girth will be firmer and fuller.

Well, some people ask, will that one be great if it raises testosterone levels? The answer is yes, steal the show.

Testosterone levels go downhill naturally from the age of 20

Some people think: I’m so young, there’s no such thing as declining hormone levels.

In fact, testosterone levels start to decline gradually after reaching their peak at the age of 20, and start to plummet after the age of 30, which is why people will “not be able to” in middle age.

Average male serum testosterone levels by age (full drawn line) based... |  Download Scientific Diagram

Smoking and drinking, staying up all night with insomnia will lower the level of testosterone in the body, so it is important to prevent and pay attention to raise the level of testosterone in general

3.How to choose a suitable testosterone

First of all, testosterone, not to make you take hormones, but through natural plant extracts to make your body produce more testosterone, but more useful than eating oysters and what not:

  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Athletes
  • Pregnant people, etc.

As a very good testosterone (not a drug), the first very obvious feeling is a significant increase in physical performance.

Eat as much as usual, when training can feel a flood of power sealed, so that you want to practice two more sets, unlike the usual, just start practicing to feel the body was hollowed out.

TestoGen is a sports nutrition brand sold in more than 80 countries around the world, the fitness circle to eat testosterone, nine out of ten have eaten this brand, the repurchase rate is also very high.

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TestoGen this muscle building testosterone can be said to be a testosterone-promoting tip in the supplement, and the time of muscle pump sensation engorgement during training can be felt extended.

  • Citric acid: Promotes the secretion of active testosterone and improves athletic performance
  • Ginkgo biloba extract: effective vasodilatation, enhance exercise strength and ability
  • Rhodiola rosea extract: enhance immune function and promote muscle repair

The same training intensity, the muscle recovery period is also obviously shorter, some people practice six off one are not so tired, duration +, number +, strength +, feel like they are back to 18 years old:.

➀ Promote muscle growth and increase muscle strength
➁ enhance X ability, maintain the state of excitement
➂ Enhance physical performance and accelerate training recovery

Many users have also started to pick testosterone madly after using it: physical performance is obviously improved, muscle recovery is fast, and the whole person’s spirit is also good.

If you’re still worried about the mental state is not good enough, how to practice muscle does not grow these problems, hurry up and order to try this “testicular boosters”, the effect of how great, the people who have tried to know.

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Muscle repair is done during sleep, many of the partners who have used the testicle promotion have responded: sleep at night is proper. Practice! Sleep!