In the takeaway so developed today, you can eat the food you want anytime, anywhere, and in the gym everywhere is now crazy price war, you are less likely to encounter no place to train, so for the fitness enthusiasts now, in fact, the most problematic part is instead in the recovery on sleep, modern people stay up late problem, has been serious enough to have to pay attention to, the two years of the successive occurrence of young people Sudden death events, constantly poking everyone’s nerves, regardless of whether the relevant events ultimately have a fair and just outcome, we must learn to take care of their own bodies, to balance the recovery balance between work life exercise. We will talk today, when you often stay up late, you should how to adjust their training and diet.

First of all, we have to have a small definition of staying up late, not just sleep late, while getting up relatively early, or sleep time is still quite, and can not be considered staying up late, while staying up late when the mental and physical state should be relatively bad, if you are glowing in the late night, then you are very god, it is not quite necessary to read this article.

And if you are often in the case of what I call staying up late, and want to continue to maintain a good state of fitness, then I suggest you first lower your own standards, do not practice how good, how much to improve physical fitness as the goal, in fact, more exercise for you to help you make up for the physical damage caused by staying up late.

And no matter what form of exercise, how to arrange, we are training is to put pressure on the body, and then let the body progress in the direction of adapting to that pressure, and here said adaptation, it requires good recovery to do, and stay up late to bring the accumulation of fatigue will increase the burden on your body, and stay up late to bring the lack of sleep, which in turn means that your ability to recover is affected.

Such an increase and decrease will make it difficult to recover from the accumulation of too much stress on all aspects of your body, and in such a state, progress is impossible to talk about. During this time my feelings are really obvious, so for people who often stay up late, the purpose of exercise is not fitness (to make the body change in the direction of better), but only to try to maintain the physical condition does not deteriorate because of staying up late.

According to what we have just said, no matter what form of exercise, it is possible to accept the same guideline, that is, it is necessary for you to reduce the stress that the exercise imposes on the body. And this means that it is necessary for you to reduce the volume/intensity/frequency/difficulty of training.

For example, if you normally train 5 times a week, then change to 3 times.
Originally a training session for 6 movements 24 sets, changed to 4 movements 15 sets.
originally used 80-85%1rm weight training from time to time, changed to use 65-80%rm.
And the reduction in the degree of difficulty means that you should be in the training of less force exhaustion (for example, although it is the use of light weights 60%1rm, but to do exhaustion rather than 80%1rm do 3 times more undesirable), less use of too much intensity of training techniques, but also to control the level of fatigue of training.

What to do with the diet.

People who stay up all night and work three shifts are most likely to have eating problems that are irregular in time, which is difficult to accept, whether for muscle gain or fat loss, or for a healthy lifestyle.

And for this situation, a very effective advice is that you must have a relatively strict diet overall concept, what you should eat a day, about how much nutrition you need to have a concept, whether it is to set the time, or to take some portable food with you, the food has to eat, whether for your body or work status, good nutrition supplement is very critical.

Also staying up late will make your body consume more vitamins, so you need to increase the intake of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet, you can also consider using products such as multivitamins.

When you are really busy and really need to run around and your time planning is irregular, I would especially recommend trying to use supplements to help you get the nutrients your body needs.

Should I practice after a late night or not?

Staying up all night puts the body’s organs in a highly strained state and can only return to normal after adequate rest. Examples of sudden death after staying up all night continuously are common, and exercising immediately in this state is not a reasonable way to improve your body functions.

So after staying up late, even if you are still relatively sober, I do not recommend that you immediately go to exercise, even if the intensity is not high. It’s best if you get a good night’s sleep to let your body recover, and then go back to physical exercise afterwards.

There are many similar questions, such as can I work out if I have a cold? Insomnia and continue to practice? How to do if you get injured, how to do if you lose your mood, etc. You can’t apply the same guidelines in all these situations just because some people have a fever and continue to work out, or I say that you can still continue to practice when you are not in a particularly bad state.

Not all cold and fever is the same, you must be sure to Listen to your body, whether it is staying up late or the situation I described above, if you feel really good about yourself, no strong sense of fatigue, still have a very high enthusiasm for exercise, I think you can try to practice. But if you already feel like you are about to collapse and can not, to the pillow will sleep to death, but also playing chicken to say that the plan is the plan, I must appear in the gym to complete training, then I think you are not responsible for yourself, your family, and your training results will not be good.

The human body itself is a “great” project, it will self-regulate, but also will give you the most real feedback, how you treat it, how it will treat you.

By Kenneth

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