As we have said before, the dilemma we may have to face for muscle gain is that maximizing muscle gain efficiency will most likely mean a significant increase in body fat, while maximizing the maintenance of good body fat during the muscle gain period will most likely mean lower muscle gain efficiency, therefore, for the majority of people who wish to gain muscle effectively and maintain relatively reasonable body fat during the muscle gain period, how to monitor whether they are gaining muscle gain is not reasonable enough and adding a lot of unnecessary fat will be a skill that must be mastered.

Purely by visual inspection will certainly be effective, but when you can obviously visually see your body fat increase a lot, then it also means that you may have braked and increased more fat, we need some more refined indicators.

First of all, the first point, as I often recommend during the fat loss period, measuring your weight daily and recording the change curve can be very helpful.

Daily weight measurements can help you better fine-tune your diet planning on each day, and recording the change curve can help you see if you are gaining weight at a reasonable rate over a period of time.

Generally speaking, a weight change of 0.1-0.2kg a day and a weight gain of 0.4-0.8kg in a week’s time would be a good rate, if it is significantly higher than this rate, then it often means that the increase is too fast. (Of course, this rate will also vary significantly depending on the individual’s gender, weight base, years of exercise, talent, etc.)

The second point is to see if there is a significant decrease in one’s physical ability.

Excessive unnecessary weight gain will obviously affect our ability to do cardio and aerobics. If you find yourself unable to complete the same amount of time with the same pace as before, or if you obviously feel that your heart rate spikes quickly when doing cardio, then this is also a clear indication of excessive body fat gain.

The third point is whether the difficulty of the self-weight action is significantly increased.

Of course with the increase in weight, even if the increase is pure muscle, will also increase a certain degree of difficulty in the training of self-weight movements, but after all, muscle can help us to actively contract to do work, and fat will just be an additional unnecessary burden, so when you obviously feel that you can do 10 standard pull-ups from the original, the rapid performance on the decline (for example, after two weeks can only do 8), then it may also indicate that you have too much unnecessary weight gain.

The most important thing during the muscle building period is of course to try to increase muscle mass, but for most trainers, not only is the pursuit of complete muscle mass growth, but other physical qualities if also mentioned during the muscle building period can be properly enhanced or better maintained, I believe it can help us achieve more athletic gains.

And if you find yourself already have the problem of muscle gain over fat gain, then I would preferably suggest that you take the following means to save.

Diet should be reduced

In terms of diet, the first thing we need to do during the muscle building period is to eat more food. More calories often means better provision of the nutrients needed for muscle growth as well as bringing about better recovery. More carbohydrate intake is better for training, higher protein intake is better for muscle synthesis, and more healthy fat intake is good for balanced hormone production, all of these nutrients are important, but if all three are high then it means high calories and there will be an excessive calorie surplus bringing unwanted fat gain. So no matter what kind of diet plan you take, there must be a trade-off between the three, such as medium to high protein intake with medium carbohydrate, medium to low fat, and high carbohydrate with medium protein to low fat.

Training should not be too simple and brutal

Relatively speaking, the training plan of the muscle building period is often easier than the fat loss period, and will be more compound training movements, so that the training efficiency per unit of time is the highest. However, this will also make some people feel that the main training program is done enough, it is not necessary to carry out some other single-joint, physical or aerobic training, so that you may be in the muscle building period of training consumption is lower than the fat loss period, then in the case of the same amount of daily activity, you increase the caloric intake, then it is difficult to avoid becoming fat. Don’t be too concerned that this may affect your recovery, after the end of the main event can try to enrich some training combinations, such as using some single joint movements to do some super sets, with some lower intensity self-weight movements to do some circuit training or tabata to properly raise the heart rate and increase some training consumption.

Daily activity is necessary to increase

This is actually one of my problems, in training when a variety of impact weight, but once the training immediately collapsed like a waste of time, this is because I keyboard fitness blogger attributes to decide, a lot of time a day are in the computer code word processing work state, I believe that many office workers are also like this. And a part of people do so may be because the training intensity is too large so feel fatigue, but also may feel that the usual can not move can help recovery. But such a lazy man muscle building method is actually a bit contrary to the original purpose of our fitness, only in the gym for an hour or two in the tiger, the other moments of life can not maintain vitality, and to do so will also bring you a reduction in daily activity, which will affect your metabolism, affecting your daily calorie consumption, and in this case if your diet is still unrestrained, then even if you think you train very hard, you may still become more and more fat.

Improve your sleep

If your training has been so intense that it affects your sleep, making it difficult to fall asleep and sleep quality decreases, then you better make timely adjustments and sleep well to ensure your recovery, ensure your muscle growth and ensure that your metabolism is always at a high level.

By Kenneth

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