Calorie Calculator

Eating is an integral part of the fitness process, and it is said that by ingesting food after a workout, you are actually doing the second part of your training, so for eating, it actually occupies a very important part of your muscle building and fat loss process. This calorie calculator was created to assist you in better training outside the gym!

People are unique individuals, tall, short, fat, thin, daily exercise, training base, basal metabolic rate are all different, can not simply based on food labels to determine the intake of the same amount of food, but should be set according to the specific goal of specific specific settings

This calorie widget is used to calculate how many calories you need to burn to gain or lose weight, and based on these values, you can determine whether you need to build muscle, lose fat, or simply control your weight.

Hopefully this calorie calculator will be your little buddy on the road to health!

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